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What We Do

Based in Paris, Los Angeles and Singapore, we are growing businesses in disruptive industries on a global scale. We invest cash and sweat equity into innovative companies that are ready to switch from a domestic proof of concept to international growth and potential valuable exit.

Inovexus has developed a portfolio of services to boost early stage innovative companies.


Inovexus Club Deal introduces investors to early stage French companies poised for growth and potential exit in the U.S.


Inovexus Acceleration brings together a team of highly qualified former CEO’s committed to building value and rapidly growing businesses in innovative industries on a global scale.

Inovexus guides portfolio companies through strategic and operational recommendations, including financial, business, marketing and legal issues.


Inovexus Finance based in Paris provides M&A services leveraging its relationships with French & US investors.

Inovexus operates in Five Core Markets, chosen because they offer high potential for growth worldwide and reflect decades of combined experience, specialization, and network connections of the Inovexus team.

Digital Video
Sports Tech
Virtual Reality
Cyber Security
Artificial Intelligence


Through its Inovexus Acceleration Program, startups receive a range of services across the areas of value acceleration and growth management. We match companies with strategic partners and a fundraising network which helps ensure successful expansion and continued operations on the path to exit.

  • Funding Strategy & Connections: Capital is a necessary element for value acceleration, but attracting investment requires fundraising know-how and the right relationships. With extensive experience in both raising and investing capital, our team gives clients the tools they need.
  • Strategic Planning: Input from an informed outside perspective can often mean the difference between a successful and a failed business strategy. Our team has a background in broad business strategy as well as specific vertical expertise to deliver crucial insights.
  • Brand Management & Marketing Strategy: Defining a powerful brand message is essential to stand out from the pack. Our marketing and brand professionals have succeeded in building brands in the most crowded of marketplaces.
  • Legal Aid: International markets have become increasingly complex from a legal perspective. Our global team has entered numerous markets around the world and knows how to navigate the circumstances unique to each country.
  • Exit Value Optimization: The exit value endgame provides great opportunities for innovative companies, but also carries the very real risk of leaving money on the table. The CEOs on our team have been through multiple exits and know how to maximize a company’s real and perceived value.

French-American network of investors & advisors

If you would like to be a part of the Inovexus Club Deal, please find a member of our network for an introduction.

M & A

As part of the Inovexus Ecosystem, Inovexus Finance based in Paris provides M&A services leveraging its unique relationship with French & US investors.

If you’re an investor interested in getting a flow of Series A companies, get in touch.


Inovexus’ team features expertise across numerous sectors and leverages its acceleration model with a focus on value & exit optimization.

  • Philippe Roche
    Philippe Roche Chairman & CEO

    Over 20 years of experience developing and leading innovative French-American businesses

  • Christophe Aulnette
    Christophe Aulnette Board Member

    Former CEO (Microsoft France, Altran, Netgem) with more than 25 years of experience across Europe and Asia

  • Christophe Louvion
    Christophe Louvion Head of LA Office - Board Member - Operation

    20 years in Digital Media, Ad Tech
    ex-CEO of M-GO (JV DreamWorks Animation & Technicolor)

  • Benoit Bergeret
    Benoit Bergeret Board Member - Corporate Strategy

    Growth CEO in Big Data, IoT, Wireless
    10 years as strategic mentor for early stage startup CEOs
    Strategic advisor for La French Tech, The Refiners, The Galion Project

Join Our Team



Inovexus is looking for a strategic, innovative leader for one of its portfolio companies currently expanding to the US market. Desired Skills and Experience.

Project Manager,

Marketing (MBA Intern)

The ideal candidate would possess excellent secondary research skills, using general internet searches, databases, etc, and be able to synthesize market insights from this data…

Corporate Finance /

M&A Internship

Inovexus is actively seeking a candidate for a Corporate Finance/M&A Internship. Desired Skills and Experience. Venture Capital experience is a plus.

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